Republique Restaurant

Republique Restaurant is an L.A. landmark within-a-landmark . . .

Paul LaRussa with Walter Manzke (home) at Republique Restaurant
Paul LaRussa with Walter Manzke (home) at Republique Restaurant

Located at:  624 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Charley Chaplin’s Office Building; built in 1929)

Walter Manzke and his beautiful wife, Margarita Manzke, a pastry chef, have spearheaded an effort with all the right ingredients to make it happen:  Love, Passion, Soul, Emotion and of course, incredible Talent and Ability.

Walter is a true culinary genius, who, along with Margarita, put together a restaurant with so many harmonious elements – resulting in a world-class, formal or casual (depending on your state-of-mind), culinary experience that one will never forget.
– Walter & Marg, we had an unforgettable and truly delightful dinner and birthday celebration for our daughter, Sophia.  Thank you, very much, for all that you have done with bringing Republique to Los Angeles.

Sommelier, Taylor Parsons, will recommend the best wine for your palate and meal in a very humble and gracious way.  He loves wine (and the essence of the fine wine experience) and he narrows-in on the best wine for “your” experience.  He has so many classically made wines (so earthy, from devoted passionate winemakers) “providing exceptional value” – as not to be unrealistic offering high-priced wines.  Our wines were quite exceptional and very affordable – which really hits home the day after.  There’s no “WHAT?!” factor with Taylor Parsons.
– Thank you, Taylor, for such great recommendations on the wine!!!

Ben Wilson was our Server for the evening.  I can say that Ben’s approach to Table-Service is so natural and accommodating, our dining experience elevated just with the way he managed our evening.  He’s comfortable in his own skin and he makes you feel so relaxed, welcomed, and comfortable too, (like himself!).
– Ben, we really appreciated the care and attention you took to our time as a guest at Republique.  Thank you.  You are a serious, focused, engaging and socially skilled individual and a great credit to the Republique line-up!

Republique Restaurant restaurant truly made Los Angeles a better place – hands-down, without any exceptions.

I am truly, truly, grateful to have had the experience . . . Thank you.

Paul LaRussa,
Chief Designer
Premier Cru Collection
Premier Cru Wine Cellars

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