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Custom Wine Cellar Design and Installation; Innovating an Artform

Combining old world quality with new-age technology and world class artistic vision, Premier Cru Wine Cellars designs, builds and installs high-quality custom wine cellars to create the perfect environment to preserve your fine wine, beautifully…


It’s said that, “Quality doesn’t cost; it pays…” and your new custom wine cellar design should begin with a high quality comprehensive consultation from Premier Cru Wine Cellars to make sure you’re getting the maximum potential and outcome from your specific wine cellar location.  With design and construction experience spanning back to the mid 1970’s, comprising over a century of combined industry experience, we know how to address your concerns and create the perfect outcome you desire. We’ll provide a world class comprehensive vision for your custom wine cellar with best-in-class, proper climate-controlled wine storage and execute the project with the same passion you have for fine wine; providing you with First Class Provenance.


A great wine cellar design is one which blends the wine collection logistical needs with surrounding architectural aesthetics and the personal preferences of the collector. Putting these elements in relevant context is an artform in-of-itself. As an artistic wine cellar design/build firm, specializing in high quality wine cellar installations, we’re passionate about providing you a tasteful & beautiful wine cellar design with quality craftsmanship. We’re a wine cellar builder that infuses valid designer and artistic beauty into your wine cellar flow & layout; whether it’s traditional, rustic, transitional, contemporary, modern or artistic, the end-result is a unique and beautifully designed custom wine cellar for you to enjoy your fine wine collection and elevate your fine wine experience…


As a custom wine cellar builder and artistic design/build firm with a California General B Contracting License, we offer all aspects of the wine cellar design, build, and installation process. Experience, skill, talent, and vision: We’ll create and build a beautiful wine cellar design inspired by your love of fine wine; a high-quality custom built wine cellar. As a custom wine cellar builder in Los Angeles, we hold a B-1 General Contractors License and specialize in existing-structure  installations with well over 100 years of combined industry experience.  Building your high-quality custom wine cellar with old-world quality combined with new-aged technologies that  make your custom wine cellar optimally energy efficient!




From installing world class wine rack designs using old world quality installation techniques to our own best-in-class proprietary wine cellar climate control installation process; executing the entire wine cellar construction project to make it easy for you – as a One-Stop-Shop for your wine cellar design, construction and installation.  We’ll fulfill your desire of a high-quality, custom wine cellar and best-in-class fine wine storage wherever your home, restaurant, luxury multi-unit, or hospitality venue is in California be it Los Angeles county, (Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Lake Sherwood, Westlake Village, Hidden Hills), to San Francisco and Napa County and for selected projects throughout the United States;. We’re here for you!

Think of us as "The Tiffany's" of the Fine Wine Space...

"Essence of the Fine Wine Experience..."

Premier Cru Collection is a brand of only handmade pieces that are artistic, beautiful, and wine related. Our flagship offering is hand-blown lead free stemware made in a 200 year old German glass factor. Only handmade pieces are in Premier Cru Collection, so please enjoy your Shopping!


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