Save your precious Wine Collection before the next “big-one” hits!

Earthquake Bottle-Stop by Premier Cru Wine Cellars

Premier Cru, Inc., dba: Premier Cru Wine Cellars has been awarded a Provisional Patent for the innovative answer to broken wine bottles and wine collections caused by an earthquake.

Created when fine wine collectors kept asking: “What happens when an earthquake stikes!? What happens to all my bottles, my precious wine collection?!

Well, now we have the greatest answer: The Earthquake Bottle-Stop! Dubbed: The EQ Bottle-Stop!

Save your wine collection before the next big-one strikes with Premier Cru Wine Cellars’ EQ Bottle-Stop. Just click on the website link and place your order! Just 1-set per bottle and your order will be filled within 2 – 3 days.

Just one-click and you’ll be on your way to protecting one of your most valuable and most-treasured possessions; your fine wine collection!

Just CLICK HERE or on the following link to place your order: Don’t wait! Your precious wine collection is hanging-in–the-balance of your actions!! Imagine having an “earthquake proof wine rack” • “earthquake proof wine racks” are here! Order Now!

Premier Cru Wine Cellars is an Artistic Design/Build firm with an innovative spirit; creating unexampled works of art using wine cellars as our artistic medium. Designing, Building, and Installing high-quality custom wine cellars primarily in California, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara county’s. Just click on the following link to see just a small smattering of our work; but remember your high-quality custom wine cellar will be designed completely and uniquely FOR YOU!

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