Earthquake Bottle-Stop • EQ Bottle-Stop


The EQ Bottle-Stop by Premier Cru Wine Cellars

The EQ Bottle-Stop by Premier Cru Wine Cellars

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The Earthquake Bottle-Stop helps to prevent damage of your precious fine wine collection by providing a specially-designed STOP-PIECE within the traditional wine racks in your wine cellar; placed strategically where your fine wine bottles are placed! Earthquake proof wine racks are now possible!  This simple device works in your existing wine racks providing earthquake damage control for all of your existing wine racks and your entire wine cellar!

We’ve answered the question:  “What happens to my wine collection if an earthquake hits…” What happens to all of my wine bottles if there’s an earthquake?!”  Wine collectors have been asking this age-old questions for many decades, and now Premier Cru Wine Cellars has the answer!

One (1) Set of EQ Bottle-Stops is needed per bottle and install in seconds! It’s easy!! You just place the EQ Bottle-Stop in-between the open space in the front vertical support of  the wine rack, in-between each bottle-holder, and secure in place; That’s it! The forward moving pressure of the wine bottle by any movement of the wine rack prevents the wine bottle from going forward, protecting your entire fine wine collection and all your wine bottles from falling out of the wine rack!


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