#ShelterInPlace 2020 “The American Purple-Heart Wine Display” & #BackToWork

During this temporarily difficult time, we’ve all seen the best in humanity and here we wanted to add one more to the list of Great People during this difficult time. And that person is Eve Bushman of Eve’s Wines 101 who is an amazing resource for all things fine wine, food & wine, spirits & just plain fun events! Eve is 100% down-to-earth and your “One-Stop-Shop” to find-out what’s going on, what’s hot, and what’s on the horizon! Here are some of her credentials:
WSET Level Two, NASA American Wine Specialist ®, WSET Level 1 Sake Award, event creator. https://circleofhopeinc.org/vine2wine/
Below is her gracious posting of The American Purple-Heart Wine Display on her Instagram account.

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Look good to you? Then feel free to share. #Repost @premiercruwinecellars with @get_repost ・・・ "The American Purple-Heart Wine Display” A Commemorative Tribute For America’s Frontline Healthcare Community! The American Purple-Heart Handmade Wine Display offered by Premier Cru Collection’s American Heirloom Series was inspired by the Heroic Challenge and dangers faced by our nation’s healthcare professionals during the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic. The American Purple-Heart Wine Display pays tribute to the brave men and women in the healthcare industry; Doctors, Nurses, and others who are putting their lives on the line for countless people and patients every day, helping to care-for-them, getting them back into good health, healing the inflicted, and testing multitudes for this highly contagious disease; saving many lives… The American Purple-Heart Wine Display has so many unique and beautiful world class qualities and benefits: • Wall-mounted and incredibly space saving; highly space-efficient and practical • The perfect gift for the wine loving, much deserving, healthcare professional, nurse, or doctor in your life! • Incredibly artistic, contemporary and modern, innovative and highly creative design • Made of exotic Purpleheart wood; purple by nature! • Holds twelve bottles – perfect for a complete case of wine • Provides an inspiring beautiful display of treasured wines • Ready to ship today! Order today for Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Healthcare Professionals, Nurses and Doctors during this difficult time in our nation’s history. We’re making it easy for you to improve your lifestyle and the lifestyle of others with a Special Pricing-Offer during these difficult times: With 15% OFF For All ordering during tribute period. • 40% OFF for all Healthcare Providers and those Gifting to them! Just email to: mail@pcwinecellars.com Thank you & be well! – Gratitude and humility are the cornerstone of my soul. Paul LaRussa, Founder & Chief Designer, Premier Cru Inc., A Fine Wine Ecosystem #WineDisplay #ExoticWineDisplay #WallMountWineDisplay #WorldClassWineDisplay #ArtisticWineDisplay #InnovativeWineDisplay #FineWineRack #HealthcareCommunity #Thankyour

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