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  1. Bring plants into your space – giving your home a sense of warmth infused with life. The added colors will liven-up your home beyond what you might’ve imagined; satisfaction guaranteed.
  2. Add a high-quality custom wine cellar, wine room or wine wall into your home.  With more time at home and less opportunity and desire to be mulling around the city, adding a high-quality custom wine cellar into your home will allow you to have all of your favorite wines on-hand and allow extra room to keep and store your new discoveries, as you become inspired and your appreciation for fine wine grows!
  3. Add the sound of high-quality music throughout your home or improve what music sources you can bring into your home with subtle upgrades to your existing sound system.
  4. Add a mediation space.  Adding a ZEN GARDEN or other space is all the calm-rage these days… Doing so will bring untold peaceful calm and amazing growth & development within your own spiritual body, heart, soul and mind.  You’ll benefit greatly; and just watch your life and lifestyle improve in ways you can’t even imagine right now.  Peaceful Space; what a concept…
  5. Don’t want to go to the movie theaters like you used-to?  Add a REAL HOME THEATER not the family room adaptation but a real Home Movie Theater in its own separate space. Doing so will elevate and transport your movie theater viewing experience. You’ll feel like you left the house to see your favorite movie!  Transport yourself by going anywhere within your own home!  It’s safer!!! with the Lifestyle EDGE.

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