To Gift A Bride & Groom On Wedding Day . . .

Life and Love, Memories and Emotions.  These are the motivators to being married, bonded, and spending ones life with another . . .

At the end of the day, so-to-speak, we celebrate our lives with each other and the family, of multi-generations, we build over the decades.

This is where heirlooms come in.

We don’t see the amount of high-quality heirlooms being passed down as we did in generations-passed.  The main reason is because we don’t see the level of quality being produced, in mass as we did in “the olden days“.  But, Premier Cru Collection is breaking that trend as a brand innovation in the fine wine space.  Premier Cru Collection is a brand of “only handmade” items that are artistic, beautiful and wine related.

Being handmade with the finest materials and craftsmanship make it the perfect wedding gift for a couple making their start together in a loving and growing commitment and deep relationship.

Wedding gifts must last the duration of the marriage and beyond.  To be handed down as heirlooms to the various children that follow in that loving relationship.

Premier Cru Collection’s flagship offering is hand-blown (mouth-blown) “lead-free” stemware, wine glasses, made in a 200 year old German glass factory.  Being lead-free means they’re safer and healthier to use and more durable than leaded stemware.  Additionally, they are stunningly-beautiful with Avant-Garde design which completely elevate your celebrations and fine wine experience.  Making for what will be, the most special time in your life!

In the magic moments throughout a marriage and loving relationship, we need these heirloom quality accessories to adorn our life and occasions; our celebrations!  We need to enrich our special times with world class quality so that, we can look back at our (future past) and see the richness of life’s blessings unfold before our eyes as we note that we’ve made the right choices in picking the right partner as well as choosing truly special items to dress our table top and social settings.

Style, Elegance and Grace Defined – High Fashion For Your Table . . .

A wedding is the one time to give a wedding gift or wedding present that translates the true love and feeling that represents your past together and hope for a loving and lasting marriage.  And, with Premier Cru Collection stemware you have the perfect opportunity to give a gift that will be used throughout all of the special occasions and celebrations throughout their life as husband and wife.

You’ll find Premier Cru Collection online fine-wine accessory boutique at:

And, when purchasing Premier Cru Collection stemware, you’ll receive a Progressive-Savings whereby, sold in a set of one each: Burgundy stem, Bordeaux stem, white wine stem, and Champagne Flute, you’ll receive a greater discount with each set added up to 15% off!  This is automatically calculated in the pricing in the Premier  Cru Collection Online Boutique.  And, shipping is always complimentary within the continental United States.

For questions about Premier Cru Collection hand-blown, lead-free, stemware call (310) 289-1221, we’re happy to help you!

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