The Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolution: 5 Principles

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The Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolution: 5 Principles

The Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolution: 5 Principles
by Natasha Swords


The repetitive irony: every January first, many of us enter a brand-new year, full of endless possibilities but we stifle the chance to do something interesting with tired, old, unoriginal resolutions.

The theory: we’re busy, we’re weary and, on occasion, we’re lazy minded. We default to usual gym memberships, healthier eating habits, feng shui attacks on our closets and abstinence from fairly-innocent substances like coffee, sugar and gluten.

The solution: resolve yourself to do something that you, actually, want to do. Learn to make at least three prohibition-era cocktails. Attend more tastings. Organize your wine stash. Better yet, install that wine cellar you’ve always dreamed about. Because unless you already have your dream cellar, then you’re fantasizing about one. It’s okay – most of us are. So, take a pass on the Rosetta Stone subscription, and read on.

We talked to visionary artist, Paul LaRussa of Premier Cru Wine Cellars, renowned for building cellars for high profiled, wine gurus like Robb Report’s Bill Curtis, WineLA’s Ian Blackburn, Frasier producer and well-known wine-collector, Peter Casey, as well as Trois Mec’s Ludo Febvre, among others. According to Paul, you need to subscribe to these five crucial principles before turning your dream cellar into a reality.

Aim Higher

Whatever you dreamt about: go bigger, go bolder and, basically, abandon everything you thought you knew about a wine cellar. “Think of your cellar as an actual, original work of fine, functional, visual art,” says Paul LaRussa. “It’s part of your home. You look at it multiple times a day. It speaks to who you are and what you love. Why would anyone settle for a cookie-cutter solution when they could really take this opportunity to communicate something about themselves, something ambitious? Go beyond functional wine racks, and seize your chance to make something expressive. Be bold, elevate your fine wine experience.”


Don’t Hire Rapid Turnaround Guys

Whomever you hire, make sure you’re not their eighth job that month. Wine cellars are personal, and they reflect “you”. The end-product should feel singular and special when completed. If your cellar designer shows up with standardized racks and doesn’t want to spend the time really understanding who you are or what you’re about, then move on and quickly. You’re going to live with your cellar for a long while, so don’t rush it. What’s a few more weeks in the grand-scheme of things?


Measure in Decades, Not Years

Choose a cellar-builder with decades of experience in the construction industry. This is an added-fixture to your home and may or may not affect its structure, living square footage, and overall value of the house. When done right, even the simplest wine cellar increases to your home value by 7%. Imagine what a stunning actual work-of-art cellar installation could do to your home’s net worth.


Be Understood

Hire a designer who can articulate your vision for you. They should be able to help you put your goal into words, as well as execution. The more experience they have as a wine cellar builder, the more ideas they’ll be able to show you, and the better they’ll be at truly realizing your vision. If you don’t click with your cellar designer/builder almost immediately, then consider trying someone new.


Find A Lover

Paul LaRussa, Founder & Chief Designer of Premier Cru Wine Cellars

(Paul LaRussa, Founder & Chief Designer of Premier Cru Wine Cellars

Your wine-cellar builder absolutely must be a wine lover. You and they should share a mutual passion for the grape. “For some clients I’m building an artful home for their most prized possessions. The temperature is affected by everything, from the volume of bottles to the type of glass we’re using,” says Paul LaRussa. “I know the pride in being a collector myself. I understand why my clients have the wine they have.”

Technical precision in the function of a wine cellar is as important as the design and personal connection to its owner,” Paul asserts.

It’s a rare combination to find: a designer renowned for innovative, valid artistic expression with a deep history and level of experience in construction, and a passion for wine. But if you’re serious about building a cellar, seek-out a Paul LaRussa-type, don’t cut corners and remember – always to think outside the bottle.

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Premier Cru Wine Cellars Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design Build Firm 2017

Los Angeles – Custom Wine Cellar Installations 2017

Thinking of building a wine cellar?  Are you Looking to have a custom wine cellar built into your home? Or, are you looking for the “right” wine cellar builder – one that can do it all – in Los Angeles; from Glendale to Westlake Village Lake Sherwood, Studio City, Beverly Hills to Hidden Hills, Sherman Oaks to Thousand Oaks, or elsewhere from Encino, Bel-Air, Brentwood to Pacific Palisades and Malibu, to bring you that special magic that will become your new custom built-in wine cellar to enjoy, not only when you’re home with your significant other, but also for those special get-togethers with friends, family, and loved-ones…

In other words, are you looking to do something Very Special with the right “special “wine cellar builder” company – Well, that’s where we come in at Premier Cru Wine Cellars; we’re an artistic design/build firm, bringing an artistic vision to the space you have designated for your new custom wine cellar installation.

Do you have an existing an home that you want to embellish with an artistically beautiful custom wine cellar, one that will last for the life of the home, built right, with integrity? We empower wine connoisseurs, collectors, and wine enthusiasts to acquire their dream custom built-in wine cellar, everyday, and with a valid and a gift of artistic expression and passion not found in today’s construction environment.

Premier Cru Wine Cellars was founded on a vision of old world quality and world class design – formed by the love of fine wine – this passion is coined into our tagline: “First Class Provenance”  take a look and visit our website at:

Innovation in construction and a proprietary process for climate control comprise the benefits to choosing Premier Cru Wine Cellars “First Class Provenance” for your custom built-in wine cellar.  Our wine cellar construction will last the lifetime of your home and will cool your wine cellar during the summer heat waves without overworking.  That’s the Premier Cru Wine Cellars difference.

To find out what your artistically beautiful wine cellar will look like and to start the process, contact Premier Cru Wine Cellars at (310) 289-1221,, or dial (310) 289-1221.






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Premier Cru Collection Burgundy Stemware is preferred by some of the world’s best chefs, Ludo Lefebvre of the hit TV show “The Taste” and Trois Mec restaurant, Los Angeles with Stemware of Choice, Premier Cru Collection in an interview in Los Angeles Magazine featuring a world class Burgundy by winemaker; Ray Walker.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre shown in photo discussing winemaker, Ray Walker, Read Here >  and the Premier Cru Burgundy they make together.  Chef Ludo can use any Burgundy Stem in the world; his choice? Premier Cru Collection’s hand-blown lead free stemware.

You, too, can enjoy the luxury of Premier Cru Collection through our online boutique at just click or call (310) 289-1221.

Artistic Design Build Custom Wine Cellar Company in Los Angeles in 2016

When those who reach a pinnacle of success in their careers, their lifestyle, or even just the feeling that they have all they need for a comfortable life, often turn and ask how they can project their passion for life inward, rather than in external ways with a bigger house, a flashier car, or that secondary home.

Many successful people are turning to enriching the personal aspects of their life.  And, one of those ways is to turn to collecting and enjoying wine with a new artistically designed custom build wine cellar within the convenience of their own home.

Early on, we often learn about the blissful passion our clients have for the love they have for fine wine.  The only thing that can enrich their experience is to have their entire (or growing) wine collection conveniently located right in their own home.

As a custom design/build firm, in Los Angeles, of artistically beautiful and all handmade custom wine cellars, we enjoy the front row perspective of our clients passion for fine wine.  Having a wine cellar handmade in today’s era is truly a treasured asset one can enjoy for decades; should they live in the home for so long…

Being able to store ones’ wines that long as well, in “First Class Provenance”, means that their investment is being pampered by LA’s premier custom wine cellar design and build company; Premier Cru Wine Cellars. Where we pride ourselves on delivering long lasting value for our discriminating clientele.  And, the pleasure derived from our clients going as far back as 2006 further builds on a deep rich heritage and expertise that only 100 years of combined industry experience can bring.

A wine cellar refrigeration system – for custom wine cellars – is another aspect of specialty that we design, build and install for our clientele.  Wine cellar refrigeration systems are specially designed to set the optimal climate control conditions in a custom wine cellar.  And, depending on the micro-climate your wine cellar will be within will make a big difference in how the custom wine cellar will be built.  Premier Cru Wine Cellars will handle all of this for the most discriminating wine collector, wine enthusiast, or just plain wine lover with ease and care.

We love what we do and it shows in our artistically beautiful custom wine cellars.  Call now or click at the bottom of this screen for your own custom built in-home residential wine cellar.  No matter what part of Los Angeles you’re in, from Beverly Hills to Hidden Hills, Hollywood Hills to Encino, Sherman Oaks to Westlake Village.  We’re at the ready to make your wine cellar dream a reality!




Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration, Los Angeles, California

Written by:  Paul LaRussa, Founder & Chief Designer of Premier Cru Wine Cellars - (310) 289-1221  email him for any comments you may have at:


When established on October 26, 2006, Premier Cru Wine Cellars was the culmination of three fine attributes formed into one:

1)  Bringing a world class artistic vision to the world of fine wine #finewine

2) The highest quality of climate control, hence our tagline: “First Class Provenance”

3) Providing old-world high-quality craftsmanship in the execution of our artistic vision.

These three attributes have solidified our place as one of (if not) the finest wine cellar design/build firms in all of Los Angeles and Southern California.  We’re commissioned to do fine custom wine cellars throughout the United States as well.

It’s come up lately as to how fine and appreciated our Refrigeration Department is and how well we’ve done over so many years by keeping our clients’ fine wine in pristine condition even during the worst heat-waves.

During a heat-wave is when most refrigeration companies are inundated with phone calls and requests for repair.  That’s because of all the weak-links they have integrated into their refrigeration systems.

When I am summonsed to consult on an existing wine cellar and wine cellar refrigeration system, I usually see four commonly made mistakes in the system that caused it to fail.  And, it’s not always the same combination of four  problems, it’s just that multiple things are wrong on any given system.

But not with Premier Cru Wine Cellars.  We usually, and over so many years, get zero -0- telephone calls for refrigeration repair during heat-waves.  Why? Well, because of our Proprietary and Exclusive Climate Control Process, that’s the is the reason.  At Premier Cru Wine Cellars we take our Refrigeration Department and projects very seriously.  And, that’s why we’re the preferred wine cellar refrigeration company in Los Angeles.  Based in Moorpark, CA 93021, Premier Cru Wine Cellars Refrigeration Repair, Service, and Maintenance Departments are second-to-none and operate quickly to get your wine cellar refrigeration installed and/or repaired, serviced or maintained quickly and efficiently.

Need refrigeration system service, repair, maintenance, or just a new wine cellar refrigeration system installation?  If so, we’re here to happily help provide you, the help you need, with your refrigeration cooling system, whether it’s in Los Angeles, Moorpark, or anywhere in between.

Premier Cru Wine Cellars (310) 289-1221 Call today for refrigeration repair, service and maintenance.


Building A Wine Cellar

Premier Cru Wine Cellars Los Angeles (310) 289-1221
Premier Cru Wine Cellars
Los Angeles
(310) 289-1221

Building a wine cellar, and building the best wine cellar for you, in the unique space that has been designated, is somewhat of a personal selection if not a logistical decision.

Where your wine is stored, being an endeavor, will become a very special place in your home.  Putting a wine cellar into a home sometimes becomes a ceremonial decision, a decision of commitment, long term wine storage in your very own home, is truly a very special thing in deed.

Think of how your quality of life is enhanced once a dream wine cellar is designed, built, and installed will transform your lifestyle in serious fashion.

Premier Cru Wine Cellars is the wine cellar builder of choice in Los Angeles when deciding who will be working  inside your home.  Having construction experience that spans back to 1978, our wine cellar construction process and our climate control installation procedures have proprietary elements which, once built-in to your home will be a wonderful exhilarating experience.

Premier Cru is a French designation for fine wine, and our Premier Crews: designers, craftsman, woodworkers, installers coupled with our  climate control expertise, are a first class complement to building a fine wine cellar in your Los Angeles home.

We care most and are the best choice for your wine cellar installation; it’s Premier Cru Wine Cellars.  Nobody can care more about your fine wine experience.  First Class Provenance is in our logo tagline because we design and build first class homes for wine.  Make 2016 the year you enhance your personal time at home with a high-quality, properly designed and best designed for you to enable the exciting outcome of having a high quality custom wine cellar built by Premier Cru Wine Cellars “First Class Provenance”.

We hold a B-01 General  Contracting license allowing us to complete every aspect of your wine cellar building and installation.  We also specialize in existing home wine cellar installation in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.


Premier Cru  Wine Cellars (310) 289-1221 Los Angeles – Wine Cellar Design, Build & Installation

Premier Cru  Collection “Essence of  the Fine Wine Experience…”

Our fine wine accessory brand: Only handmade, artistic & beautiful wine related items are in the Collection.  You’ll find Premier Cru Collection’s online boutique, right here, just click on the BOUTIQUE tab at the top of the page or go to:

An In-Home Wine Cellar In Los Angeles

Happy New Year! to all who celebrate, in spirit, the meaning of the most notable wine-related phrase, spoken-by one of our most important Founding-Fathers of our great United States of America, Thomas Jefferson; “Fine wine is a necessity of life for me.”

Farewell to 2015, it was a good year by any measure (even with the stock market sideways move year-over-year), and left us with a promise of continued improvement within the breadth of our societal economic and quality-of-life measurements, so long as we don’t find ourselves in an economic bubble (in some sector) during 2016.

So with a “steady-as-she-goes” perspective, it’s time to think about how we can improve and insure our quality-of-life continues on this positive trajectory.  This brings me to the obvious decision of making 2016 the year of putting in your very own in-home custom wine cellar.

The benefits of putting in a built-in custom wine cellar adds so much to ones’ quality of life and to the overall value of their home.  Finding the right place to put your new wine cellar is a task sometimes best left to Premier Cru Wine Cellars, (serving primarily Los Angeles County), simply because, with our deep level of over 70 years combined construction-industry experience, quite-often we can see opportunities within a structure that are not so obvious, even to those who live in the home.  An occurrence that happens every-now-and-then.

That being said, let’s look at the tangible benefits of putting in your very own, high quality, custom wine cellar in your home:

First, the shear luxury of having your wine collection close-at-hand cannot be understated.  The time, the many-upon-many hours of not having to drive to a wine storage facility in-of-itself is invaluable; remember, YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE and you ought not be driving back-n-forth to bring-in and take-out your fine wine from a dingy, dirty, establishment we know as wine storage facilities, with only a few exceptions; one notable exception is Jeff Smith of the famed Carte du Vin and author of The Best Cellar, located at 7641 Burnet Avenue, Suite B, Van Nuys, CA 91405.  (818) 787-1282; twitter @carte_du_vin Jeff runs a tight ship and has a first rate establishment.

Second, once your new custom wine cellar is built and ready for use, you’ll open up a whole new world of wine collecting opportunities because the logistical advantage allows you to realize a wine collecting experience that is more in-line with what you had in mind when you started collecting wine in the first place.  The ease of deciding what to acquire, how and where you’ll store it, has enhanced your experience 10-fold – there is more continuity to acquisition and collecting flow.  And that flow leads right into your in-home wine cellar!

Third, having a custom wine cellar designed and built by Premier Cru Wine Cellars provides you with the benefit of having the Provenance of your fine wine in the safety of your home and well insight of your day-to-day living.  Premier Cru Wine Cellars is known for their proprietary climate control process; with clients enjoying First Class Provenance of their wine cellars during extreme heat conditions.

Fourth, the artistic and aesthetic design of a Premier Cru Wine Cellars – pushing envelopes in design – brings a level of joy that is akin to walking through an art gallery; simply put, their stunning.

Fifth, in most cases, the value of your home will increase with all of the above benefits and investment equal to or greater than the amount spent.  One should expect to budget $30,000 on up depending on the footprint size of the wine cellar, the location within your existing home, or if a new structure is added on.  As a General Contracting design/build firm, Premier Cru Wine Cellars can handle every step of this process; from  soup-to-nuts, from design to completion – they do it all!

To inquire about your very own custom designed and built fine-wine cellar, just send off a quick email with your info to or enter your contact information, under the CONTACT INFO heading, at the bottom of this page and click-to-send.

Wine Cellar Design & Construction Los Angeles

High-end wine cellar design, build and construction in Los Angeles has become a very popular and much sought after functional-artform and quite the status symbol in a home today.

Ever since the Paris Tastings in 1976, when an Englishman and wine merchant, Steven Spurrier, age 34 at the time, was running a wine education school in Paris.  He devised a plan to capitalize on the attention paid to the American Bicentennial celebration. Steven’s plan was to assemble some of France’s greatest experts at Paris’ Intercontinental Hotel one afternoon and do a blind tasting of French and California red and white wines.

How did an innocent enough publicity stunt become a most serious point-of-contention?  The Paris Tastings marked the first time, publically, that California winemakers realized they were capable of making wines of equal, if not better, quality than the French.  What an epiphany!

As we are coming up on the 40th anniversary of this great monumental event, climate controlled custom wine cellars have become all the rage in Los Angeles, and across the nation, amongst those who would rather embellish their homes, enhance their wine collections, save driving time, not to mention the convenience of having ones’ wine collection at home, and provide the perfect environment (or excuse) to just stay home and enjoy some of the worlds finest wines; with driving around-town too much of a damper to what could be an ethereal transcending evening experience sipping and smelling the intoxicating aromas of our favorite world class wines.

No one wants to drink-and-drive so there is much more emphasis on building an in home wine cellar to enjoy ones’ fine wine collection.  And, now, Los Angeles has embraced the idea that your wine cellar can also be a functional work of art.

See article:  Building Meccas – Master of Wine Meccas

Wine Cellar Los Angeles