American Heirloom Series “Collector’s Treasure Chest”

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The American Heirloom Series “Collector’s Treasure Chest” is a world class expression of your love for the most prestigious and sought-after Napa wines in the world; California’s Fine Wine Legacy…

Built with the techniques of Century’s Past, these opulent fine wine chests are handcrafted with old-world & world-class quality.  Holding 12 to 18 bottles; as jewelry in a jewelry-box, possessing a single brand of wine and only the best vintages from “a Featured Winery” of only California’s greatest wine makers.

Most vintages in each wine cabinet with be nothing less than 99 to 100 Point Rated Wines.  The inaugural vintage, and perhaps a “sneak peek” of an acceptable “yet to be released” vintage.

A true limited Edition Collectors Item from Premier Cru Collection – American Heirloom Series…

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