Malibu Times Magazine: A Conversation With Accents – by Laurie Hartt

Malibu Times magazine May/June 2014 issue features Paul LaRussa along with three other artists for their extraordinary work embellishing the homes of many, in fine style . . .

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But, if you don’t feel like switching screens here’s a sampling and a few other Press Quotes:

“I would describe myself as an interpreter,” he said.  “I take my client’s vision and put it in a “bottle-format”, so that when you look back, it’s complete and fulfilling . . .”

As a veteran in the construction industry, since 1979, with an ambitious artistic-gene, Paul has melded several intense attributes together:  A great love of fine wine (maybe not an attribute but, a prerequisite), a talent for seamless or tasteful-contrasting  design, and as its been said, “Giving a client what they didn’t know how to ask for.”  Paul’s process for design stems from his innate ability to understand “who his client is . . .” that’s to say that he can become your best friend in a matter of moments because, his natural talent is to “connect” and learn about a client within just a few minutes, by listening, watching, and noticing who the client is.   Almost like “tapping-in spiritually” if you will.

It’s actually a proven ability.  As evidenced in a phrase mentioned by a client in a conversation with Paul.  Which goes like this:

“Paul, do you know why I gave you the job to design and build my custom wine cellar?”, quipped the client, “Because you understand me the best . . .”

Also mentioned in the article is: Premier Cru Collection “Essence of the Fine Wine Experience . . .” a Collection of “only handmade” items that are artistic, beautiful, and wine related.  “I created Premier Cru Collection to complete the fine wine experience with physical, handmade world-class, compliments to this ethereal, transcending, moment we have when enjoying the almost indescribable fine wines we have been blessed to enjoy.”

You can reach Paul LaRussa and the design team at Premier Cru Wine Cellars and Premier Cru Collection at:

(310) 289-1221 or at

You can browse through the Premier Cru Collection fine wine accessory online Boutique at:


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